The Best Prepaid 4G Phone Service

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Coming up with quality 4G phone service that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg is difficult. Even if you can find a plan that’s affordable for you, most of the big carriers get you into binding contracts, usually for one or two years of service. These have early termination fees which make your life much worse when you need that money to pay for more important bills and therefore are not ideal. Thankfully, prepaid cellular companies are coming through and offering quality plans for a fraction of the usual price, but only to those people who are willing to pay their monthly bill up front.

Solavei is one such company and they’re really doing a good job helping people get 4G phone service without all of the expensive hassles. For about $49 a month before taxes, anyone can get unlimited talk time, send and receive as many texts as they want and access unlimited data for an entire month. The majority of cellular providers are going to charge twice that much for the same amount of service without batting an eyelash. Why pay that much more when you don’t need to? It’s not as if the Solavei service is inferior or anything. They simply don’t spend money on advertising which puts more money in the members pockets!

Solavei compensation planTo get started using Solavei’s 4G phone service, all you need to do is find the unlocked GSM phone you like and enroll in the service. You can also port your old number to Solavei which is huge!

Unlike contract plans, there isn’t going to be any arguing or asking to speak to customer support if you don’t pay your bill and the service gets cut. This is one of the bad things about no contract 4G phone service, especially when you already paid the money to unlock phone number before. If your service is disconnected for a failure to keep up with the bill, it’s not the end of the world. You can also use the auto pay option so that you don’t have to worry about paying your bill on time.

Proud Member Of SolaveiOne great thing about pre-paid services like Solavei is that all of your information like phone numbers and other contact specs is all going to be saved on the sim card or phone’s memory, so if you decide the service isn’t for you, you will never have to worry about losing your information if you cancel.

Overall Solavei does what just about all the major cellular carriers do right now. They allow 4G access (LTE coming soon) and to make all the calls and texts to as many people as your little heart desires each month. Great part is, you get this Solavei service for only $49 a month. That’s practically half what you’d pay for the same service elsewhere. The selection of phones is actually better than what the big name carriers offer because you can use any GSM phone available, rather than being stuck with whatever phone that particular carrier currently has.

Ryan Fletcher