Aaron Olivarez – NHRA Champion Talking About Solavei

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Top Android Apps of 2013

Anyone who is looking to make a difference in their life should look towards technology for the future. While people of all different types are recognizing that technology is becoming ever more pervasive in our lives, the adoption rates have been explosive in the United States. Particularly important is the battle between operating systems which […]

Web-Based Apps That Help Reclaim Your Sanity

Think about how many hours a month you spend emailing photos to relatives, shifting videos from one device to another, and trying to remember where all your media lives. Whatever the number of lost hours spent, the problem isn’t necessarily the number of devices you have. Instead, focus on how to streamline your devices with […]

Four World Series Baseball Apps You Want

If you are gearing up to watch two baseball teams vie for the top prize, you’ll want to stay as connected as possible, especially if your favorite team is heading toward the big dance. We’re glad to tell you that there’s an app for that.

Solavei vs. AIO Wireless: Which Carrier Should You Choose?

Smartphones link our world together, and persons without one can feel disconnected from friends, family, and co-workers who are regularly engaged in information sharing. But long-term contracts and high monthly service bills can be a turn-off to traditional plans, and keep many tied to their old landlines. Fortunately, the rise in pre-paid cellular service providers […]

The 5 Hottest Android Accessories of 2013

Sometimes the life of an Android user can be tough. The iOS phones have uniform sizes, so they have a grand variety of skins, bags and other accessories. Android phones have plenty of accessories, but sometimes it takes time to find one that perfectly fits your particular Android model. With 51 percent of the market […]