Does The US Cellular Merger With Sprint Have You Looking For A New Carrier?

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Are you one of the former 585,000 U.S. Cellular customers who must now both get a new phone while being stuck with a carrier providing limited service under Sprint’s takeover? You may have received a letter stating that after U.S. Cellular’s merger with Sprint, your U.S. Cellular device won’t work on Sprint’s network. Even unlocking your U.S. Cellular phone won’t aid with the transfer to enable you to use your phone on Sprint’s network because phone hardware has been customized for specific carriers. You may also find that deals with Sprint phones are lacking due to this transition. Not only that, but Sprint is also lacking in their ability to provide reception in your area, specifically if Sprint chooses not to maintain U.S. Cellular’s cell towers. Your U.S. Cellular phones will work during the several months it takes to change over to Sprint, however; Sprint isn’t your only option.

Looking For The Positive In The US Cellular Merger?

Fortunately, there is a silver lining and a much better option available. You are permitted to go with a carrier other than Sprint, and in doing so, you won’t be charged an early termination fee. You’ll also have the ability to import your numbers to this different provider. Solavei is backed by T-Mobile, ensuring consistent coverage at the highest speeds no matter your location.Solavei gives you unlimited voice, text and data on a nationwide 4G network for only $49 a month and requires no contract or credit check. They also recently introduced new price plans just last month that eliminate handset subsidies and even offer the iPhone 5. If you chose the same plan under Sprint, you’re paying $60 more a month for a less reliable service plan.

Solavei – A New Powerhouse In The Marketplace

Never heard of Solavei? Probably because they’ve chosen to spend their money on a source many marketers consider outdated—their customer. You won’t see their ads on billboards, in newspapers or on television. They use their customers to spread their service by word of mouth. Depending on your success rate with recruiting your friends and family, you could have your bill paid monthly by your service provider or possibly even pay your mortgage—it’s entirely up to you.Solavei is the only provider that offers you the chance to take charge of your monthly bill while creating an additional income stream. The more you share, the larger your network. Their compensation plan gives you the leeway to earn an additional $20,000 per month. Obviously to reach that type of compensation would take a lot of work but anybody can get a few friends or family members to switch to Solavei. For every three people you convince to sign up for Tell All Mobile, they’ll give you $20 per month. If you sign up nine people, you’ve earned $60—more than the cost of your monthly phone bill. They put value on people—their customers.


Solavei’s coverage is exceptional. Share Solavei, reduce your monthly bill, stay connected.