The Future Of Cell Phone Technology

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Cell phones, particularly smartphones, are some of the fastest evolving products on the market. Think about what cell phones were like 5 years ago – most people had flip phones, and a camera on a phone was considered an exciting added feature rather than a mainstay. The Razr and Sidekick II were making waves, and the Blackberry was still mostly marketed to business people.

In 2013, 91% of Americans own cell phones, and over half of them own smartphones. Considering how far the industry has come, it can only be expected to grow exponentially over the next 5 years. Here are 5 phones that experts predict the market will see in the near future.

A Carrier-Free iPhone

In 2011, Steve Jobs publicly stated that he envisioned a carrier-free iPhone coming out at some point in the future. This iPhone would launch with its own network and would exist independently of carriers like Sprint, Verizon and AT&T. Of course, that kind of move would have major implications for the entire phone industry. The initial price of an independent iPhone might be high, but considering the popularity of iPhones, its success is within the realm of reality.
Nintendo Phone

A Nintendo Phone

People love playing games on their smartphones. It is a favorite way to pass the time while waiting for a bus or taking a break at the office. Nintendo will not allow its games to be put on other smartphones, so it is safe to guess that the company has its own plan in mind. A Nintendo phone would appeal to all fans of its classic games, and could be a gateway into smartphones for younger generations.

A Facebook Phone

You may have heard rumors about the development of a Facebook phone. While those rumors are not confirmed, it seems likely that Facebook might try its luck at a smartphone. Facebook operates by attempting to streamline the entire internet experience through its own site. If it can create a phone that streamlines the entire smartphone experience through Facebook, it will certainly have achieved a goal.

An Amazon Phone

Like Facebook, Amazon sees the appeal in developing its own phone that features its content through a series of apps. Users would have an online marketplace in their pocket at all times, and shopping on Amazon would be easier than ever for smartphone users. This could prove to be very beneficial for Amazon, as impulse shoppers would have plenty of opportunity for easy buying. Of course, those shopaholics might enjoy the easy access yet suffer from easy debt.

The Super Smartphone


As smartphones evolve, experts predict that designers will try to make phones that truly do it all. Some of the more recent developments in smartphone technology have been around sensors – gyroscopes, proximity sensors, multiple cameras and more. The future could hold atmospheric sensors that can predict the weather and augmented reality apps that function for everyday users as a pilot’s display does in an airplane. These changes will likely be gradual and will pop up through newer models throughout the years.

It is an exciting time to be alive in the evolution of technology. While it may be frustrating to invest in something that becomes obsolete a year later, these advances are beneficial to society and the economy. Stay tuned to your favorite tech news source over the next few years, and you’ll be the first to know when new smartphone options become available.