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What Is Solavei ?

While not exactly reaching the level of a household name, in certain tech and consumers circles Solavei has been blowing up on people’s radar. With an investors list that reads like a who’s who of tech superstars and strategic partnerships with companies like TMobile, it should come as no surprise to anyone that Solavei is getting some big time press and recognition in what is essentially its infant stage.

What Makes Solavei Different?

Solavei is a business formed by Ryan Wuerch, and is a pioneer in the field of taking control away from mass produced media advertising and empowering the end user – regular folks like you and I – through the power of mobile computing and cell phones. It’s like a blend of Network Marketing and social networking, but on steroids.

The ultimate goal? To give people the chance to actually make money just for using the same devices they have on them everyday by funneling money that is usually wasted on broad based advertising. The win-win here is that mega corporations get the chance to tighten their marketing budgets with more effective advertising, and you get paid to do basically nothing that you wouldn’t be throughout a normal day. While it’s long been a dream of many to get paid for doing essentially nothing, Solavei  is making that a reality.

What’s Solavei doing that’s new and innovative?

Network Marketing has been around for possibly centuries – and if history is any teacher, it’s one of the most effective ways to build wildly passionate customer bases while at the same time creating almost unlimited income potential. Remember now, I’m talking about Network marketing, not its uglier cousin the Pyramid Scheme, which almost always ends up as a house of cards collapsing on itself with the founder and executives spending some time behind bars. Network Marketing is a form of incredible leverage that actually produces income and sells a product – pyramid schemes are just a quick and dirty con to separate good people from their hard earned money.

Solavei has basically combined forms of network marketing and multi level marketing and turned them into what they call “Social Commerce“.  Basically look at it like what Costco does.  Members of Costco are given a way to save tons of money by being a member and shopping at their stores. Solavei does the same thing!  Members with the cell phone service (Who only pay $49 for unlimited everything on a nationwide 4G network) are given special access to multiple ways to save money and there are going to be tons more things coming in the near future.  For example,Solavei has a special deal with the brand new Blackberry Z10 to be the only carrier in the nation to offer this phone.  That means Solavei is doing big things as far as giving their members exclusive rights to things before the other cell phone companies.  Not only are Solavei members able to save money but they are also given the opportunity to get their cell phone service for free or even make money just by referring others to the service.  I’m sure you’ve had a ton of conversations with friends, family or even complete strangers about what cell phone carrier they have or how much they pay per month. Now, you can say to them “Wow, you pay that much!  I have that same exact phone and I only pay $49/month with no contract or hidden fee’s.  If you’re interested in the service, I can actually sign you up!”  It’s really that easy, and the more people you refer to the service, the more money you can make.  For more details, check out how the Solavei compensation plan works.

What Solavei is selling, and how do I make money with the service?

bringmoreSolavei cell phone service right now is making its unlimited mobile phone, data, and text services available to all members for $49 dollars. Yes, you read that correctly – you get all of the above unlimited services for the low, low price of $49 per month.  The way you make money is by bringing new people into the fold, and having them sign up for their own Solavei cell phone service plan. Each trio you recruit is $20 dollars in your pocket, and after only 3 trio’s you’ve already more than covered your own investment.

Solavei is changing the game and rewriting the rule books for how the mobile network and advertising agencies are going to have to function and now is your chance to get in on the ground level and start making some serious money. Like all business investments it is very wise to do all of your due diligence and research before committing, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the opportunities that Solavei brings to the table.

What is Solavei? Is the Solavei cell phone service right for me? It’s only a budding business that is showing itself to be on the bleeding edge of the mixture of social media and mass advertising. And I don’t think you should miss your chance to build your fortune with Solavei.

2013 is going to be a huge year for Solavei and it’s members.  It has already been confirmed that Solavei will be going international and not only that,there are going to be a lot of different options for members to save money.  As a member, I am really looking forward to what is coming soon and if you haven’t joined yet, you don’t know what you’re missing!  Social Commerce is going to be the next big wave in ways to shop and save money and I’m glad I am part of this.